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Preparing for Your Project

Sale Contract with Independent Contractor

You will be required to sign a Sale Contract between yourself and the independent contractor. Please read the contract carefully and make sure that it properly reflects the products and services that you are purchasing.

Site Access & Preparation

Create a clear path to the project for easy access and removal of debris. Furniture, appliances, room furnishings, valuables and breakable items should be removed from both the path to the work site and the work site. Electronic equipment should be disconnected and removed.

Be On-Site

The homeowner, or a representative designated by the homeowner, must be present for all aspects of the installation, including at the start to review materials and project scope and at completion to sign the Completion Certificate and make final payment.

Hidden or Unknown Conditions

During an installation project, the contractor may uncover conditions, such as water or termite damage, that could not be seen at the time of the estimate. Before the contractor can proceed with the installation, these conditions must be addressed and may require additional labor and materials.

If the assigned contractor can complete these repairs, an estimate for additional materials and services will be provided for your approval and the appropriate adjustments to the installation schedule will be made. If the assigned contractor cannot complete the repairs you will need to hire another contractor to complete the repairs before the installation project can continue.

Communication & Patience

Communication and patience are key to a successful project. We will make every effort to address issues quickly and efficiently. If a problem arises or you see something you don’t like, please address it with the contractor as soon as possible. If you cannot resolve the issue with the contractor, contact us at [800#]. 

Dust & Debris

All installation projects involve a certain amount of dust and debris. To contain dust and debris, we recommend covering entryways and vents in the installation area. In addition, some installations will create a strong odor, which will go away over a short period of time.


There will be sawing, hammering and other machinery noises during the installation.

People & Children

When work is in progress, keep all occupants and visitors at a safe distance from the work area. The tools, materials and debris from the project may present hazardous conditions.


During work hours the contractors will need to enter and exit your home and cannot be responsible for securing pets. So if you have pets, please make sure they are secured away from the work area.

Site Clean-Up

Upon completion, the contractor will remove all debris associated with your project. You may need to touch up and paint areas (such as baseboard or moulding) affected by the installation. Painting and touch up are not part of the installation service.